19 November 2012

Absurd Attitude - 2000 - North 7"

This was released by Fight Records, so I was expecting manic Finnish thrash.  I was surprised to find some crust similar to AMEBIX or ANTISECT.  ABSURD ATTITUDE were from Tampere, Finland, but the sound is very late-80's Britain.  The guitar has a nice watery sound, but is able to switch over to a more metallic riff when necessary.  The rhythm section lays down a very solid foundation with a tribal edge.  There are two singers that have a similar tone, instead of going for the EXTREME NOISE TERROR-style low grunts and high-pitched screams.  The recording sounds nice with the guitars and vocals dominating the mix.  The drums are still prominent, but the cymbals are a little muted, which makes for a better sound.  There is an unlisted track at the end of the B-side.  It's a mid-paced instrumental with the occasional reverbed scream.  This is definitely worth picking up if you can find it.  This was ABSURD ATTITUDE's final release.  I will definitely look for their earlier material.

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Anonymous said...

http://www.mediafire.com/?l3tny4ab87206p6 check this one out, thrashing grind from finland,recorded back in 2008. self released as cdr, 25 copies. and on tape, cant remember how many but with a different cover art.
by no means a nazi band, although the original cover may seem that way.
just taking the piss at everything.