05 May 2013

Seven Sisters Of Sleep / Ilsa - 2013 - Split 7"

One of the recent special releases for Record Store Day 2013.  This slab of blood red wax features two rising bands tipping their hats to past masters in the field of Heavy.  First up is SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP with their cover of HELLHAMMER's Messiah.  Their take is dirtier and more tortured than the original.  Midway through the song, the SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP break the song down to a sludgey pace before shifting back into tempo.
The flipside sees Maryland's ILSA try their hand at BOLT THROWER's IVth Crusade.  How can a song that was so heavy be made even heavier?  ILSA has a guitar tone that sounds like a crusty nuclear bomb exploding, which is perfect for this song.  The caustic vocals slither through the mix and are buried just right.
The packaging is incredible.  The artwork, by Szymon Siech, draws on 70s horror films and is superbly executed.  This even comes with a massive 24"x36" movie poster that will look right at home next to your Witchfinder General poster.
Both bands deliver worthy recordings.  Only 666 copies, so pick yours up soon!

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