12 November 2012

NOTA / Brother Inferior - 1997 - Split 7"

This split was released by Havoc Records and features two bands from two different eras of Tulsa, Oklahoma's hardcore history.  NONE OF THE ABOVE, also known as N.O.T.A., formed circa 1979 and were one of the first, if not the first, hardcore bands from the state.  They were active in the early 80s and broke up in 1987, but have reformed and recorded sporadically since then.  Their two songs here remind me of MDC.  The music is early hardcore: mid-paced with sing-along choruses and the occasional lead.  The lyrics use humor to combat life's problems, like boredom and Nazi skinheads.

BROTHER INFERIOR formed in 1994 and toured and released the bulk of their material in 1997 when this EP was released.  They broke up a few years later.  This music is faster with a slight thrash edge, but that never detracts from the melodies in the songs.  It's refreshing to hear some clean hardcore without any metal influences.  The instruments are nicely separated, and all sound very clear in the mix.  I'll bet the choruses went over great live, as they are easy for a crowd of punks to sing along to.  BROTHER INFERIOR's lyrics are less humorous, but more political.  The only downside to their songs is the use of the Braveheart sample in Freedom's Sons.  Mel Gibson's Scottish accent sounds horrible.

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