24 January 2008

BIZARRE UPROAR 'Bunker Sessions' CD

2007, Housepig Records HPIG-013

Here are 8 tracks of harsh junk noise. Like his fellow Finn, GRUNT, BIZARRE UPROAR recorded all of these tracks live in the studio. The first track starts off with some screeching junk rhythms. Then the noise comes at you like a hungry machine. It doesn't let up until 28 minutes later, when the metal beast lurches back into the darkness from whence it came. And lurking somewhere in the maelstrom is a chaotic piece of noisecore.

If you'd like a second spin, just put your CD player on 'Random'. This CD is divided into 99 tracks, so the replay value is enormous. Herein lies a multitude of ways to scramble your brain. Exceptional.

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