14 March 2008

RU-486 'Princess of Rot' c10

(2008, Destructive Industries DI002)

I got this recently in a trade from the label. It's a c10 (the perfect noise length) in a plastic case with inserts and lyrics. I'm glad to see that people are still making tapes.

The first track starts off with some feedback and mid-range rumbling. Then comes the screamed, buried vokills. Lyrics are included, but not necessary. This guy has the vocal skills of a great hardcore singer. It sounds like there are no effects applied, just raw emotion, fighting to be heard over the noise. After some percussive beatings, everything's spent and falls into a final feedback squeal.....

The second track, Day Job, has a wider dynamic range with screeching feedback and muffled low-end rumbles. At times the feedback squelches subside, leaving nothing but a subsonic grind. The track ends with a whimper.

Don't hesitate to contact the artist below. This is a numbered edition of 25 copies and well worth every minute of it's sonic abuse.

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Please check their website.

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