05 January 2008


LEGLESS / GAS SATORI 'Split' CDr (2007, Deviant Amusements 01)

This split comes in a minimalist jewel case. Contact LEGLESS below to see if it's still available.

The first track, by LEGLESS is a dense study in disentegration. Just when you think the roars and the scrapings are taking you somewhere, you realize you're nowhere. That's when the screams come in. Dense, harsh noise that might lead you towards enlightenment. Or not.

GAS SATORI provides the opposite flavor. Twelve tracks of short blasts. Almost like MASONNA, but without the tension of silence. The machines don't shut off, they just jerk along, making you lose your path until you're too pummeled to even care. After all is said and done, you still hit 'play' and ride it again.

Contact Info:

Email : dannypropert(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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