22 September 2013

Perisynti - 2007 - Turmeltuneen Ihmisen Luonto 7"

Extremely raw Finnish black metal.  As an instrument of war, the distorted guitar on this 7" cuts through my speakers and stabs into my brain.  The sound is full and uncompromising.  Thoughout both tracks, the rhythm section lays down a very solid foundation, enabling the guitar and vocals to persecute their blitzkreig assault.  Where Turmeltuneen Ihmisen Luonto is fast and, especially towards the end, repetitive, the b-side is noticeably slower and has a languid synth melody lurking behind the guitar and vocals.  At times the synth sounds like icy feedback.  The vocals are buried in the mix underneath the guitar, but that just adds to their mystery and vitriol.
I am really glad I picked this up.  If you like harsh black metal, this is a release you should track down.

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