22 September 2013

Bloodsoaked - 1994 - The Omen 7"

Bloodsoaked were a death metal band from Mexico City.  This 7", from 1994, was their final release.  The music on this EP is contemporary with the era.  The guitar plays some mid-paced chords which are spiced up with some double-time chugging and some more atmospheric parts.  Some of the playing reminds me of a restrained OBITUARY without the temolo abuse.  The solos work well in the songs, but without a clear rhythm guitar part, all that's left to drive the song are the drums.  The bass is nearly non-existant - there is a short bass run in Buried Under My Skin, but it is difficult to hear in the mix.  The drums sound crisp, but the double bass is buried too low in the mix.  The drummer plays some nice fills in Rising.  The vocals are tortured moans cutting through the music.
Overall, this is a good release with enough variety between the songs to keep my attention.  The production is a little weak, but that might just be due to their geographical location.  I won't hold that against them.

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