13 January 2012

V/A : Asian Hardcore Compilation (1998)

V/A : Asian HC Compilation
1998 All Systems Fail ASF01

 1     Yani –     The Glory Of War (1)       
2     Charm  –     Couseless       
3     Savor Of Filth –     My Own Hate       
4     Samchung –     Pax Amerikkana       
5     Turtles Jr. –     Die My Girl       
6     Parkinson  –     About A War       
7     Protest  –     (Stop The) War       
8     Kitsch  –     Candy In The Closet       
9     Disc'o Kicks –     Believe Yourself       
10     Desecrate  –     Greedy Bastards = Profits = Another War       
11     Ladybug  –     My Fuckin Bike       
12     Puppen –     Freedom To Defecate       
13     RUX –     Harborside       
14     Demisor –     Mainstream Egoism       
15     Closeminded –     Born Bad       
16     Enslaved Chaos –     Unseen Barriers       
17     No Brain  –     Very Pleasant       
18     Disco Scratch Coke Avoid –     Not D.I.Y.       
19     Yani  –     The Glory Of War (2)       
20     Protest  –     Freedom, Not System       
21     All Stupid –     Sia       
22     Disco Scratch Coke Avoid –     Kill The Nuts       
23     La Haine  –     Tupac Amaru       
24     Jeruji –     Pi Anjingeun       
25     Charm  –     Good Close / Dedicator       
26     Demisor –     Nation Of Bastards       
27     Runtah –     Mega       
28     RUX –     Don't Wake Me Up       
29     Parkinson  –     Stupid Bastard       
30     Samchung –     International Anarchy       
31     Tokyo Sex Whale –     Out Amonst The Evergreens       
32     Kitsch  –     Death Of Three Dogs       
33     Disc'o Kicks –     I Hate Boredom       
34     Desecrate  –     Desecrate       
35     Enslaved Chaos –     I Hate Work       
36     Ladybug  –     Stop       
37     Weeper –     Am I Wrong

CD -> EAC (Offset Configured) -> FLAC (with Log and Cue)
Scans included.

 This CD documents the rise of the Asian and South-East Asian DIY punk scene during the 90s. That was the first opportunity for me to listen to bands from Korea, China or Indonesia. That coincides with the troubled context of the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis. I suppose the access to cable TV in the early 90s, with shows like MTV's Alternative Nation, Mall Punk bands like Green Day & The Offspring, MTV S.E. Asia, Channel [V] did have a non-negligible influence on the birth of the local alternative and underground music scenes. Most of the bands featured on this compilation started during the mid-nineties... Meaning that for most Young Asians back then, the first encounter with different kinds of music was due to the mainstream media, and less by fanzines and tape trading circles, in some ways, places like Korea, Indonesia or Malaysia were quite culturally isolated from the outside world, living under authoritarian regimes during the 80's...
This compilation present a wide diversity of bands and styles of music, covering Straightforward H/C punk, Street Punk, Melodic stuff, Crust/grind...
The bands featured here are:
Tokyo Sex Wale From China,
All Stupid, Closeminded, Jeruji, Puppen, Runtah, Savor of Filth & Turtles Jr. from Indonesia,
Charm, Disco Scratch Coke Avoid, Disc'O Kicks from Japan,
Kitsch, Weeper, RUX, No Brain and Samchung from South Korea,
La Haine from Macau,
Ladybug, all-girl-band from Taiwan,
Enslaved Chaos, and Parkinson from Malaysia,
Demisor, Desecrate and Protest from Singapore,

This great comp was coordinated in Japan, by the same person who produced the Napalm Death/S.O.B. flexi. Good initiative for sure, my only regret is the poor and unimaginative artwork, and the fact this CD didn't feature any bands from the Philippines...
- Brave New World blog


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