16 January 2012

KAH-ROE-SHI - 2007 - Shi

2007 Bullwhip Records / Third Arm Records / Quiet Still Death Records / Pissed Off Records / Cactus Distro / Protocrust Records / Papakerma / Ricecooker Recordings / Pure Minds Records / Cellulite Records / Theatrical Records / Anock Mayrun Records / Kandar Mosh Distro

1. Submit to Grief
2. On Their Knees
3. Race Don't Exist
4. Deja Vu Beirut
5. Substance
6. Shi
7. Fraud

Includes short live video shot in Singapore, July 2007 at Theater Thrash.

CD -> EAC -> FLAC (With Log and Cue files)

KAH-ROE-SHI are a pummeling hardcore / crust band from Malaysia and have just released their first full length CD with the help of 13 local DIY labels. The name directly translated (from Japanese) means "Death from Overwork" and their lyrics (all in English) speak of breaking out of the shallow existence of modern life. Musically this is pure brutality and nestles somewhere between DYSTOPIA and HIS HERO IS GONE. This is a professionally pressed CD, comes with a nice-looking booklet of lyrics and other writing, and is packaged in a screen-printed CD-sized cloth sack. Very nice. The recently did a split EP with Singapore crust punks PAZAHORA who are another top notch and highly recommended band from SE Asia.

Kah-Roe-Shi 'Shi' CD review on Punk Ping Pong #2

Formally known as UNION OF SLAVES, KAH-ROE-SHI is another Malaysian band that is active nowadays. 7 tracks of heavy hardcore crust a la HIS HERO IS GONE, FROM ASHES RISE, KYLESA and the ilk. The sound production is very good. Not much band really care about their sound production. This kind of music must come with a very heavy and clean sound. I mean very detailed from their guttural vocals to the acoustic intro. I like this cd a lot. Oops..This cd also contains 13 minutes of live video from the band. It's good to use an extra space on cd rather than let it be blank.

I have heard these guys on a few of their previous releases and have been very impressed by their variety of darkened crust. This full length did not disappoint. It certainly threw me off with the packaging being a mini burlap sack with their name written in Kanji characters. Admittedly, it took me a couple minutes to figure out this was the killer band from Malaysia KAH-ROE-SHI! Dark, heavy and thick crust-core with clear nods to FROM ASHES RISE and HIS HERO IS GONE. The lyrics of this band are especially good with lots of information and details in the booklet. A 13-label Malaysian collaboration. Great! (NM) - Reviewed by Nick Mangel on Maximum Rock n Roll #306 / Nov '08. 

Kah-Roe-Shi played their first show in 2006 with the name Union Of Slaves. Kah = excess, Roe = labor, Shi = death, translated literally from the Japanese as death from overwork or occupational sudden death. The guilty comrades are Kid (vocals), Tiong (guitar, vocals), Fahmi (bass) and Zul (drums). Related bands: Mass Separation, Tools Of The Trade and Akta Angkasa. Previous release: Indonesian tour demo cd-r & split 7" with Pazahora. Previous tour: Singapore & Indonesia (July-August 2007). Amazing packaging - Hand made silk screened bag.

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