30 December 2007

MORTUOR Nekro Schizo 3"CDr

MORTUOR 'Nekro Schizo' 3" CDr (Nil By Mouth, NBM03CDR)

This treasure was one of the few things I've won on eBay. And that was only because the seller listed this under the 'Buy It Now' option. I'm not sure I can thank that seller enough. What we have here is one of the finest 3" of a cdr that I have heard. MORTUOR thanks Marco Corbelli, and the Italian scene, in the booklet. Each of the 4 tracks shows influences from the best that ATRAX MORGUE has ever done. There's usually a simple synth rumble or rhythm with hellish vocals over the top. The 2nd track, '6 Slashes For Sister', has a strong MB feel to it's rhythm and sound. It had me waiting for the suffocating machine to implode.

Contact Info:

Nil By Mouth website here.

Direct contact : maniac_mortuor(at)yahoo(dot)com

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