29 December 2007

KADAVER Abandon All Hope CDr

KADAVER 'Abandon All Hope' CDR (2006, NOIR Series NOIR01)


This is some of the best death industrial that i have ever heard. I can see KADAVER releasing material on Self Abuse Records or Slaughter Productions. At this early stage, KADAVER is quickly closing in on both ATRAX MORGUE and SKIN CRIME.

This first disc is interesting. It only has two lengthy tracks. The sounds of death on this black disc slowly evolve over the course of time. Nothing repetitive or boring. Only the different colors of darkness.

This is limited to 70 copies and comes in a DVD case.

Contact Info:

KADAVER email: grindead(at)hotmail(dot)com

NOIR Series.

VOID Rekordz.

The Eastern Front.

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