26 August 2012

Implicate - 1999 - Implicate 7"

Implicate, from Middletown NY, only released this one EP.   Middletown is not too far from New York City; Implicate's sound is pure 90'sNYHC.  The guitar displays a nice distorted tone, especially on the chugga-chugga riffs.  The guitarist has no problem going from a cleaner hardcore tone to a faster thrash rhythm, and there's some nice bits of feedback in the songs to help create tension.  The singer has an almost negative, shredded-throat singing style, but the lyrics betray a tendency to be generic.  Lyrical topics include integrity, vegetarianism, trust, and a striving for something better.  I will give the lyricist credit, though, for using words that I don't ever see in hardcore songs, like recruiter or archaic.  There's a bass guitar in there somewhere, but it is rarely heard.  The drummer is a solid player,but tends to rely too much on his cymbals.  Overall, this is a decent release, especially if you like the 90s hardcore sound.  The vocals help push this above mediocrity.

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