13 June 2010

Exploding Planet Records, Bremerton WA

I visited the town of Bremerton, WA recently.  I didn't expect to find anything too interesting there, musicwise.  There's plenty of trees, the Puget Sound, and the Naval Shipyards.  But whilst exploring the small downtown area, I stumbled upon a small piece of culture on a street of porn stores, pawn shops, and a Christian café.  That gem is Exploding Planet Records.  A small record store located at 320 N Callow Street.  I was there early in the morning, so the store hadn't opened yet.   But that Witch Hunt LP in the window really caught my eye.

The store is smaller than Phantom City (located in Olympia, WA).  It looks like they carry vinyl and CDs.  The wall behind the register was filled with patches, so they've got to be run by Crusties.

According to this article they are the only record store in Kitsap County.  There's a Wall-Mart out in Port Orchard that is probably the biggest seller of CDs in the area.  What a sad state of affairs.

If you're in the area, you should check them out.  According to the sign on the door, they're open Wednesday through Saturday from 1 PM to 10 PM.  There's plenty of street parking and poles to chain your bike to.


And across the street is the Charleston Music Venue which appears to be a good place to see some good bands, even if you are underaged.


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Anonymous said...

i actualy used to work in exploding planet records, we had lots of vinyl, cd's, patches, and a few t shirts, next door is the AFU hall wich is an art galery and they also have lots of shows, as well as the charleston across the street, but sadly, exploding planet records is no more, we shut down because no one ever came in