09 July 2009

Warsore Discography

My latest upload is a complete discorgraphy of Australian grind legends WARSORE. They start in Melbourne in the middle of 1995. The original line-up played only 2 shows of improvised noisecore. After a line-up trade with DISGORGE, they began playing grind that was influenced by older Swedish and Japanese bands. WARSORE played many shows with DISGORGE, STAND AGAINST, and DRUNKARD. In 1998 they toured Singapore and Malaysia with DEMISOR. In 1999 they toured Japan with GORE BEYOND NECROPSY. There was talk of a European tour, but it never materialized and the band broke up. The bass player, Mark, later recorded a demo of shitnoisecore as FAECAL FORK and was on a split with SONIC DISORDER.

WARSORE recorded all of their material themselves, so don't expect crystal clear sound. This is rough grindcore.

The torrent includes the follow releases:

  • Re-Opened Wound CD
Open Wound demo
1995 Rehearsal
1995 Live
1996 Live at Central Club
  • Sweet Revenge CD
split tape with DISGORGE
split 7" with EGROGSID
Live in Japan
Live .mpeg clip from 1999 japanese tour
  • split tape with DYSMORFIC
live in Japan 1999
  • split 7" with NEE
  • Japan Tour 1999 tape
split tape with QUILL
split 10" with AUTORITAR

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