07 June 2009

Fear of God

I'm Positive cassette

As influential as FEAR OF GOD has been to the entire field of grindcore/noise/extreme hardcore/death metal, it's a crime that it's so hard to get your hands on their music. Total legends in the grind/noise community, the Swiss band FEAR OF GOD formed in 1987, drawing inspiration from the ultrafast HC of SIEGE and LARM, the pummeling urban industrial grind of early SWANS, the apocalyptic death of REPULSION, and the proto-death metal of MASTER, added a megaton of distortion and ultra-gruff monstrous vocals, and jacked up the tempo via insane blastbeat drumming to about 1,000 miles per hour detonations of face-shredding ultragrind that borders on pure f*cking noise when it's moving at top speed, with bone crushing bulldozer sludge riffs and ripping mid-tempo breakdowns expertly placed to make each song a vicious act of revolutionary violence. F*cking crucial stuff, I remember how insanely brutal and negative FEAR OF GOD sounded the first time that I actually got to hear them. This shit sounds genuinely insane, and established the aesthetic of "noisecore" that bands like ANAL CUNT, 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA, etc., would explore further on. A crucial document of one of the most influential, groundbreaking bands in extreme music history, no joke.

I've been ripping all of my audio tapes into .flac, a lossless format. Eventually they will be posted at the Rockbox for easy download. Be sure to register and use a decent torrent client.

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