25 May 2008

LINDA LOVELACE 'Golden Summer' c10

(2008, Destructive Industries DI003)

Here's another tape release from rising label Destructive Industries.

Don't let the name fool you too much. This is a side project by Thomas from RU-486 dedicated to one of the queens of the Golden Era of porn, Linda Lovelace. She's performed some perverted acts in front of the camera. This tribute channels those depravities into your ear.

The tape starts with some immense sexual jackhammering and subtle feedback morphing into harsher squeals. As the cascades overload and pull out, an organ loop comes into play. The screeches and white noise turn into puffy mosquito bites. As the loop fades away, gauzy sheets of white noise make way for and ending of robotic jackhammering.

This is a numbered edition of 36 copies. The last few releases from Destructive Industries sold out quickly, so don't hesitate to contact the label below.

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